Hello, NSMS Families! Please find the volunteer opportunities for the 2010-2011 school year here. Each family is required to volunteer for two events (one related to social, fundraising or school events and one related to Spring Fling). Volunteer fees will result ($50 per volunteering opportunity) if unavailable when called and a replacement is not found. Families may also choose to pay $100 and opt out of volunteering opportunities. If you choose to take this option, please send an e-mail.

Please do not choose this option unless you truly do not have the time to help. Children love seeing their parents help out at school and it is due to our volunteers that our events are a success. Volunteer spots that have a listed date of September 7 (9/7/2010) are ongoing throughout the year and volunteers are called on an as-needed basis. If you have questions about any of the volunteer positions, please send an e-mail

To view opportunities, please visit 


Committee Chairs & Coordinators

School Improvement Chair
Newsletter Editor  
Marketing Chair Tammy DeMarco
Grant Committee chair Mary Kelly
Website Coordinator Radhika Srivatsavaya
Welcoming Chairs Erika Newell & Janelle Brown
Yearbook Coordinator Amy Schickerling, Sara Whittleton
Schoolastic Books Cooridinator Blake Brasch
Spring Fling Coordinators Toula Kourtis & Julianna Sporcich
Fundraising Coordinators:  
Entertainment Book Sale
Tammy Walberg
Gift Wrap Sale Karen VanLandeghem
Manna Gift Card Sale Sherri Grant
Fannie May Candy Sale
Scholastic Books Blake Brasch
Plant Sale Jenny Okamoto
Social Event Coordinators:  
Ice Cream Social Toula Kourtis
Back to School Dinner Lisa DeLaurier
Dinning for Dollars Lisa DeLaurier
Halloween Party Michelle Peterson
Parent Mixer Tara Conway
Winter Break Gathering Tom Johnson
Spring Break Gathering Dena Conway
NSMS Egg Hunt Lisa DeLaurier
Teacher Appreciation Week Jenny Okamoto
Memorial Day Parade Eric Schorsch